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StonyEdge Headphone/Microphone Y Splitter Cable

– Enjoy Headphones and Microphone in a Single Slot – Allows Two People to Experience High-Quality Sound Simultaneously – Universal Compatibility with iPhones, Smartphones, and Gaming Headsets – Connects to any 3.5mm Audio Output.

Share your favorite music and movies with at home or on the go with a Y splitter cable designed to maximize your enjoyment..

How many mobile devices or tablets do you have right now that only have one headphone jack? Probably all of them, right? Not only does it make sharing movies or music difficult, it doesn’t allow you to use headphones and a microphone at the same time. But now, thanks to the StonyEdge Headphone/Microphone Y Splitter Cable, can enjoy both without missing a beat.
Designed to give you ultimate freedom when it comes to enjoying your technology and your hobbies, our Y splitter is easy to carry around in your pocket, a bag, your purse or even in the car. Never leave home without it, and you’ll always be able to share your favorite movies, music and games.

Here are a few more great features:

• Slim, lightweight design • Fits any 3.5mm jack • Designed for use with mobile and portable devices • Molded connectors to reduce tension/strain on products • Connect two sets of headphones, or a headphone/microphone combination • Attached Velcro for easy cable management.

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 SHAREABILITY: Watching a movie on your phone or tablet is better with a friend. Our Y splitter cable lets you both in on the action at the same time.
 COMPACT DESIGN: At just a few inches long, our Y splitter cable makes it easy to share music without extra wires laying all over the place.
 MULTIPLE PORTS: If you’re on a tablet or smartphone with a single 3.5mm port, it can be difficult to listen and talk on the same headset. Our Y splitter gives you the power to do both simultaneously!
 HIGH QUALITY SOUND: We only use the highest-quality materials in our Y splitters, so you never have to worry about sound degradation.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets