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Play percussion apps on your iPad or Android tablet with these customized Street Beat Drumsticks. Made from state-of-the-art conductive elastomeric materials Street Beat Drumsticks are flexible, safe and sensitive enough for rocking out on your tablet without damaging it. Comes with extra sensitive removable tips! Play the drums like a professional. Rock out with free percussion apps available on iTunes or purchase Garage Band and make your own drum tracks. Street Beat Drumsticks work with almost any percussion app including; Drum Smart, Garage Band, Drum Pad, Drums, Drums Deluxe, I Can Drum Pro, Indian Hand, Drum HD, African Drum Master, Mandala Hand Drum and many more.Safe to use with iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod and Android touch screen phones and tablets
Use Streetbeat Drumsticks instead of your fingers with any percussion or drum app
Features a hard plastic inner core surrounded by a highly conductive soft rubber material
Two sets of custom “extra sensitive” removable tips for better connectivity
Great for drum practice, playing live gigs or making drum backing tracks