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When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard or digital piano?
Don’t let dirt particles clog your instrument. These not just tamper the quality of sound but also drain its lifetime.

Oh, no worries.

QMG 4116 brings the premium quality protection to your 61-76 key keyboards and pianos. Whenever not in use, just put on this dust cover over your instrument. Elastic cord helps to adapt the shape with ease while locking-clasp makes sure that no dust can break in.

Re-read that ‘Features & details’, and don’t take any chance with those tiny dirt particles; they aren’t cute.
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• QMG 4116 – Fits 61-76 notes keyboard {41″ (L) x 16″ (W) x 6″ (H)}

Piano Chords Ebook will email after place your order
Ebook Contain following Chords:
1. Major Chords
2. Minor Chords  
3. 7th Chords
4. 6th Chords
5. Diminished Chords
6. Augmented Chords
7. 9th Chords
8. Suspendend Chords
9. Major Scale

ULTRA-PREMIUM PROTECTION: Introduce a breathable layer to keep your keyboard clean and safe against all the dust, dirt, or wear. And enjoy the EXTENDED LIFETIME of your instruments.
SPANDEX – NYLON MATERIALS: Efficient combination brings the best of durability, flexibility, and appearance as well as makes it easier to handle. Allow your instruments to rest with the confidence.
ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC CORD & LOCKING CLASP: To confirm that the cover well accommodates the keyboard and wouldn’t allow any dust particles to pass through. Sit back; your instruments are safe with us.
MACHINE WASHABLE: No need to break your hands or the wallet. Just drop it in your washing machine and enjoy your newly shining dust cover. Keeps your keyboard clean and super easy to clean!
THE PERFECT FIT: Ideal for all 61-76 note keyboards. QMG 4116 comes real handy -super easy to put on and adapts almost every brand. No more tortures of make & model. Just order your dust cover, now.