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STUDIOSAFE Microphone and Studio Equipment Hard Travel Case with Internal Customizable Foam
The exterior structure of this heavy-duty travel case is made of a highly durable polypropylene mixture for strength and integrity. The dense foam interior is arranged with a Top Convoluted (Egg-Crate Shape) Lid of 0.75″ thickness, a Customizable Pick & Pluck (Diced) Core of 3.375″ thickness, and a Solid Basin Pad of 0.675″. High-impact resistance in the exterior shell, coupled with a dense, shock-absorbing foam interior, protects and secures your Yeti Blue Microphone and Accessories from all angles during storage, travel and transit.

Travel Friendly
One of the best values comes in its size, measuring in external dimensions at 16.0″ x 13.0″ x 6.0″, with total usable interior space at 13.0″ x 10.0″ x 4.5″, easily accommodating your Studio Equipment. It Includes a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation and four padlock holes for security. Easily Transport your equipment to the studio, around the house, car or keep inside for secure storage. The heavy-duty latches securely snap down to hold the case shut, but can be opened in a matter of seconds.

Unlimited Customization
The 3.3″ foam base consists of individually pluckable dense foam cubes. The diced Pick & Pluck core is easily customizable to fit your recording equipment and accessories due to the high-density nature of the ELE foam. This allows you to create separate compartments for the Yeti Blue Microphone , Headphones , Pop Filter , USB Cable and More. This prevents your accessories from rubbing and provides superior internal impact protection.

Fits Blue Yeti , Nessi , Spark , Snowball Ice USB Microphone , Yeti Pro , Yeti Studio and accessories such as Headphones , Pop Filters , Mounts , USB Cables, Adapters and More Studio Accessories.

NOTE- INTERNAL FOAM IS CUSTOMIZABLE WITHIN 13.0″ x 10.0″ x 4.5″ SO ENSURE YOU HAVE THE DESIRED ROOM FOR ALL ACCESSORIES.Designed for traveling with or storing Blue Yeti USB Microphone , Headphones , Pop Filters , Windscreens , USB Cables and More Studio Recording Equipment
Hard shell exterior made of durable composite blow-mold plastic prevents your Microphone and Accessories from being crushed. Internal tri-Layer foam cushioning with Pick & Pluck customizable middle layer protects from impacts and drops.
Individual Cubed Foam Interior allows separate compartments to be created within maximum internal dimensions of 13.0″ x 10.0″ x 4.0″ . Exterior outer dimensions measure 16.0″ x 13.0″ x 6.0″
Customizable Foam interior allows you to design separate compartments for your recorder and accessories. Remove the desired amount of foam blocks from the Diced Foam interior to create needed compartments
Additional features include: 4 standard-sized padlock rings, stackable design for multi-case storage, highly durable hinges, MADE in the USA – Includes CASEMATIX warranty and easy-close latches