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If you’re just getting into recording your own music, the MF-P01 is the perfect Portastudio for you. Using the MF-P01 couldn’t be easier … just pop in a standard cassette tape, plug in your instrument, select the track you want and hit “Record”. You have four tracks to work with, so recording your drum machine, guitar, vocals and keyboard is no problem. Plus, the MF-P01 is the most inexpensive Portastudio ever made in TASCAM’s long history of creating the most innovative audio products for everyone from musicians to the very best world-class studios. If you’re a creative musician and want to get into the art of multitrack recording, this is the best place to start. Highlights: The perfect Portastudio for musicians and novice recordists. 4-track multitrack recorder. Uses inexpensive standard cassette tapes. Records one track at a time with classic warm analog sound. Includes headphone output.* Records one track at a time
* Level and Pan control on each of 4 tracks
* Headphone out with level
* Input/master level LEDs