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TASCAM has been supplying and revolutionizing the market with professional grade products for decades. The TH-2000 Headphones are top of the line and provide a value that only TASCAM is able to reach. No matter what genre you prefer or what application you use them in, you’ll find in the TH-2000’s: – Powerful Bass response that adds energy to your audio – Brilliant Midst that round out the mix – Crystalline Highs for a strong presence & clarity – Comfort for hours of listening & use – Durability for security & longevity – TASCAM Quality, Innovation & Versatility TASCAM made a splash with the original, highly-regarded TH-02 headphones and are now taking a step further with the TH-2000. The TH-2000’s will fit any musical genre of choice, lifestyle or profession. Share the trust that professionals and beginners alike have invested in the TASCAM brand since 1956.Foldable Design for Easy Compact Transport
Circumaural Ear Cuffs with Industrial Strength Flexible Headband
Closed-Back Isolating Design with Clean Sound – Rich Bass Response & Crisp Highs
Black Leatherette Bag for Added Protection & Transport When Not In Use
Screw-On 1/8(3.5mm) to 1/4(6.3mm) Adapter