You’ve learned how to sing on key, but you’re singing is akin to a whisper in volume. The truth is that singing louder is a problem experience by many people. One of the reasons for this is that they are not using their voices properly, or to be more specific, their air. You see, air is the most fundamental element of singing. The major part of a singer’s performance is learning how to control the inhalation and exhalation of air to produce the melody that they want.

The first thing you have to do if you want to learn how to sing louder is check out your breathing. You must be able to breather using the whole diaphragm. Ever wonder why children can cry so loudly even if they have those really small lungs? It’s because unlike us, they breathe correctly, utilizing the full power of their lungs. With more practice on your part, it’s possible to sing out in the voice decibel that you want to with perhaps a bit more control.

If you want to check if you’re breathing right, then put your hands on your stomach and inhale. Can you feel the expansion? You are breathing the right way if the expansion starts from the stomach and expands upwards as you exhale. If it’s the chest that’s moving first, then you’re breathing incorrectly. For breathing exercises, all you have to do is practice this type of breathing at regular intervals every day. You can find other breathing exercises online that may suit you better or target specific problems you might have.

Now that you have breathing down pat, start exercising that volume. Initially, you should pick a sound, for example “ha” and start singing it out in one breath. It’s important that you first start singing using your normal volume and then work your way from there.

Listen closely to your voice; if it’s clear and solid then you’re on the right direction. However, if it’s starting to sound scratchy, then you should probably take a break and start over. You could also try to accompany this exercise with a piano or keyboard, keeping the notes as a reference so that you won’t have to stick to one sound for the whole training.

Now, stick to the training and practice as much as you can. Try to record yourself whenever you sing. This will allow you the opportunity to pinpoint possible problems, make changes and all in all improve for the better. Now, you might be thinking, why do you need to sing louder with the level of sound systems today? Although volume level is no longer an issue if you want to learn how to sing rock songs, it is still important if you are singing without accompaniment or making use of an instrument like a guitar or piano. In fact, the exercise itself is a great training ground for you. And lastly, attempting to sing louder puts a strain on the throat, so make sure to stay hydrated, preferably with lukewarm drinks to keep your throat at fighting form.

Source by Jamie C. Jackson