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Small enough to fit in your pocket and powered by a pair of AAA batteries, the Teenage Engineering PO-20 Pocket Operator Arcade Synthesizer features real synthesized arcade, drum, and chip-tune sounds with 16 punch-in effects including solo chords, filters, fill-ins, glitches, and arpeggios. The synthesizer parameters can be locked, while a 16-step sequencer, which holds 16 patterns in memory, can be chained into a song with up to 128 patterns.

An integrated clock and alarm clock expand the creative possibilities of the instrument. A jam-sync function with 3.5mm audio in and out connections allows for multiple synthesizer units to be linked together.

Blucoil Premium Earphone/Headphone Extension Cable will essentially help maximize usage of your earphones/headphones. Instantly adding 6 feet (1.82 meters) to your earphones/headphones, the extension cable is the perfect companion in allowing for extra reach and movement. The cable is equipped with gold-plated universal 3.5mm male and female tips for full-compatibility with smart phones, computers, MP3 players, portable amps, and many more gadgets! It is also finished with a durable plastic cable exterior for long-term strength.

Blucoil 2-Pack AAA Batteries Designed to provide reliable and lasting performance for both high and low drain devices. Works with a variety of devices including digital cameras, game controllers, toys, and clocks; do not attempt to recharge.

In the box:
Teenage Engineering PO-20 Pocket Operator Arcade Synthesizer
Blucoil Extender
2-Pack Blucoil AAA BatteriesSynthesized Arcade Sounds
16 Punch-In Effects and Parameter Locks, 16-Step Sequencer with 16 Patterns, 16 Pattern Chaining
Chord Chaining, Jam Sync with Audio Through
Blucoil Premium Extender, Extends by 6 feet in length
Blucoil 2-Pack AAA Batteries, provides reliable and lasting performance for both high and low drain devices

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets