Do you know who Terra Jole is? Perhaps you have heard the name or seen her on one of her television shows. While she may not be a household name quite yet, there is a chance that more and more people will know who she is in the coming months.

Jole was born in Texas in May of 1980. She grew up, got married and is now the mom of two adorable kids. She is a singer, an actress, an executive producer and oh yes, she has also been one of the stars on the hit ABC show Dancing With the Stars. Not that remarkable you say? A lot of actresses and singers go on Dancing with the Stars. Indeed they do, but do they also have achondroplasia?

Achondroplasia is a form of short limbed dwarfism that affects the way a person grows. In people not affected, cartilage is converted to bone, but if you have this type of dwarfism, this process is flawed and what you are left with is short stature and short arms and legs. Intelligence isn’t affected, but being a little person in a tall world does have its share of problems to overcome.

There are a lot of little people who have reality shows–The Little Couple and Little People Big World come to mind, and since 2014, there is Little Women: LA a show that Jole stars in and is executive producer of. The show is about a group of little people who are friends and who share their trials and tribulations with the world. There are spin offs of the show showcasing little people in other major cities and once Jole and her husband had their first child, Terra’s Little Family became a reality.

For those who are little people, or dwarfs having a baby can be a very dangerous prospect, but luckily for Jole and her husband, her pregnancies went smoothly and she delivered a baby girl in 2015. In August of 2016 a little brother for Penelope followed, he too was carried and was born without incident.

Terra Jole is a television star, a mom and a wife yet she still managed to put out two songs and then an album of kids songs called Penny’s Playlist. She is just like any other busy mom, except that her size makes everyday things a little bit harder to tackle. She has never let her ‘disability’ get in the way of who she is or what she wants to accomplish.

Source by Amanda J Hales