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Made of real hardwood, the Tetra-Teknica Essentials Series EGH-01NW is a wall hanger/mount that is designed for a variety of string instruments such as acoustic guitars, bass, violins, mandolins, ukuleles, and more. Featuring a 2-part design, a stainless steel yoke coated with specially formulated padding, and a real hardwood wall mounting base, the EGH-01NW is an easy, affordable, durable, and convenient space-saving tool to keep your valued investment well protected, neatly organized, and proudly displayed. For added convenience, two mounting screws and two drywall anchors are included for fast and hassle-free installation.


Dimensions (wood block): 3 ¾” X 1 ¾” X ¾”
Dimensions: (installed): 5 ½” X 3 ¾” X 3 ¾”
Weight: 5.2 oz
Color: natural wood

What’s in the box:

Tetra-Teknica guitar hanger, 2 per pack
Mounting screws: 2 sets
Drywall anchors: 2 sets

Tetra-Teknica is a registered trademark in the United States, any unauthorized use of our trademark is a violation of Federal trademark laws and could be subject to liability for damages and penalties.Real hardwood construction, a must-have accessory for amateurs or professionals, suitable for both home and studio use, 2 per pack
Suitable for a variety of string instruments such as guitars, bass, violins, mandolins, ukeleles, and more
Specially formulated padding is safe for your instrument’s finish
Easy to assemble and install in no time, mounting screws and drywall anchors are included, a Phillips screwdriver is required for installation
Genuine Tetra-Teknica guitar hanger sold exclusively by SFT, Inc