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Made of premium grade foam, the Tetra-Teknica extra large microphone windscreen is specifically designed for very large microphones like the Blue Yeti and similar-sized microphones with a grill diameter up to 2.5 inches. Tetra-Teknica extra large foam windscreen reduces the occurrence of wind, breath sounds and popping noises. It also keeps your microphone clean and helps extend its lifetime. It is guaranteed to fit the Blue Yeti (as shown in the picture), but it also fits many models from other brands such as MXL, Audio Technica, and more. It covers only the part of the microphone that you want covered-the grill-keeping the aesthetics and functionality of your microphone intact.

Tetra-Teknica is a registered trademark in the United States, any unauthorized use of our trademark is a violation of Federal trademark laws and could be subject to liability for damages and penalties.

Outside Diameter: 3″
Inside Diameter: 2″
Length: 3.25″
Color: Black

Compatible large size microphone models gathered from product reviews:
Blue Yeti
Samson MTR201A
Designed to fit the Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro, and other large condenser microphones and USB microphones from brands such as MXL and Audio Technica, as well as most other mics up to 2.5 inches in diameter
Improves the quality of your audio recording by minimizing the sound of wind and other unwanted background noise
Acts as a pop filter for those harsh “p”, “t”, and “b” sounds
Protects your microphone by keeping out harmful dust and moisture
Perfect for improving the sound quality of your podcasts, YouTube videos, ASMR videos, gaming streams, and other audio recordings. Please note the microphone in the picture is for illustration purpose only