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Music stand lights usually are thought of when it’s too late…and too dark! The Breakthrough Music Stand Light is a must have for every gigging musician. This light can be powered by the included AC adapter, the included USB cable, or 3 AA batteries (not included). Unlike most single or double bulb stand lamps, the reach of the illumination will stretch the entire width of any general music stand desk. The durable construction of the flex gooseneck and hefty clip will allow a 100% secure fit onto any music stand, desk, bookshelf, or night stand. With an elegant squared off top and audience shield, this light should be included in every performing musicians arsenal. Whether your a guitar player, classical violinist, bass player, or any other musician, this clip on light does a fantastic job at making sure your gig goes off without a hitch.AUDIENCE LIGHT SHIELD: Built in audience shield that blocks the light from the audience members eyes, and directs a brighter and more focused illumination to the score.
BY MUSICIANS, FOR MUSICIANS: Breakthrough Music is dedicated to provide musicians quality products that make their lives easier. The Breakthrough Music Bright Light has been tested and reviewed by professional orchestral and wind band musicians.
USB, AC, OR BATTERY POWER (YOU CHOOSE): AC adapter included detaches and can be powered by any USB port. Can also plug into any outlet when performing in a pit orchestra or concert band (batteries not included).
9 EXTREMELY LONG LASTING LED’S: Individual LED bulbs have a total life span of 50,000 hours (5 years of device being left on for 24 hours straight!)!
2 LEVELS OF BRIGHTNESS: Click the power button once for medium light and twice for high, powerful illumination. Perfect for outdoor concerts when the sun is just beginning to set.