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The Comfortable Chair – The Comfortable Chair (us 1968, Ode z12-44005, Lp)

Superb psychedelia !
Excellent melodies accompanied by great male and female vocals.
Discovered By The Doors’ Jim Morrison And Produced By Robby Krieger, This Was Their Only Album
Which Features All Original Songs.

Formed: 1968, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

*Tad Baczec (guitar),
*Greg Leroy (bass, guitar),
*Gary Davis (keyboards),
*Warner Davis (drums),
*Gene Garfin (vocals, percussion),
*Bernie Schwartz (vocals),
*Barbara Wallace (vocals).

Genres: psychedelic, pop

01. Ain’t No Good No More
02. Child’s Garden
03. I’ll See You
04. Princess
05. Now
06. Some Soon Some Day
07. Be Me
08. Loved It All
09. Let Me Through
10. Stars In Heaven
11. Pale Night Of Quiet
12. The Beast (Kali Yuza).

What little attention 1969’s “The Comfortable Chair” has gotten seems to stem from the fact The
Doors’ Jim Morrison discovered them, while John Densmore and Robbie Kreiger served as producers
for their sole 1969 album. That’s unfortunate since this set is actually quite impressive in its
own right. Featuring all-original songs (virtually every band member contributing to he writing
chores), the album bounces all over the musical spectrum. Lead singers Bernie Schwartz and
Barbara Wallace are both quite good, navigating through the different genres without any trouble.
Highlights include the opening rocker ‘Ain’t No Good No More’, the sweet ballad ‘I’ll See You’
and ”Let Me Through. Exemplified by ‘Some Soon, Some Day’ and ‘Stars In Heaven’ much of the set
features a lazy, dreamy aura that’s quite captivating. Had it been a little more original and
the band churned out a couple more rock numbers, and the album could have been a classic. As is,
the album makes for a fascinating game of ‘spot theinfluence’. My ears hear bits of David
LaFlamme and It’s a Beautiful Day (luckily without the violins) and even The Jefferson Airplane
(‘Be Me’). O

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets