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The latest film adaptation of Marvel’s iconic comic book The Incredible Hulk raises the bar for comic-related movies. Louis Leterrier brings a new cast and new life to this previously presented, but never before seen like this set of characters. The CGI effects in the this recent Hulk incarnation surpasses the previous ground-breaking, but still jerky green giant from Ang Lee’s project (Hulk (2003)) bringing the audience closer to a full suspension of disbelief.

The new cast is truly the key to the Hulk’s success. Ed Norton makes a perfect Banner and Liv Tyler is much more convincing as the romantic interest and daughter of the semi-protagonist played by William Hurt. Tim Roth makes a decent bad guy, but it is his change of character from rational to practically evil that subtly takes over which livens the film.


The basic hero paradigm throughout the plot is obvious and somewhat predictable. Banner is pegged as the bad guy in the beginning and has to prove himself the hero as the presumed good guy slowly turns from friend to foe. The heart of the semi-protagonist semi-melts, but maintains enough coldness to offer a formidable conflict consistently as the story unfolds. The version is somewhat closer to the comic in many ways than the 2003 release and is extremely well written.

Some of the delightfulness comes in the form of cameos, both by characters and actors. We are graced again with Lou Ferringno returning as a security guard, but Leterrier goes further and has him overlay the voice of the Hulk as well. Originator Stan Lee appears on the screen as a man that gets gamma radiation poisoning from drinking a Brazilian soda tainted with Hulk blood. And as in Iron Man, the last scene reveals the production intentions of Marvel and Hollywood as Tony Stark enters to discuss adding Banner to his crack team of superheroes, The Avengers, with General Thunderbolt Ross.

An excellent outing for any comic book fan, The Incredible Hulk delivers the punches, story, acting, and directing one would hope for in such a long awaited film. Great fight scenes, suspense, heart felt characters, and amazing special effects allow the Hulk to rage across the screen and smash his way into a high quality, bench mark setting presentation not to be missed!

Source by William Connor

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets