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This blur 4K video take a long time to process the high quality of 4K Gaming until it completes being a clear and sharp video in the few hours or two days. It will appear in the display setting at the bottom right corner of this screen. You’re welcome to watch this video on your preference of display setting that are 1080p, 1440p and 4K monitor or TV through YouTube.

Part 5 – A boy helps destroying the strange objects with one eye in the air, exterior and interior environment for his mammal friend, Trico before it walks, run and jump anywhere without fear because it doesn’t like them that are it’s enemies. Next, they meet other mammal that look like Trico at top of the ancient ruin but it looks badass when it wears it’s armor and mask. They continue struggling to search for the exit everywhere in the ruin where they want to escape from.

I know that PS4 Pro is 4K Gaming and HDR only supports 3O FPS but not 60 FPS so I decided to render this video being 4K Gaming 30 FPS instead of 1080p 60 FPS through my video editing. When it completed in 3 hours, I converted 4K video file from 15 GB to 4 GB without a quality loss then uploaded it to my channel.

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets