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The Loading Zone – The Loading Zone in 1968 (USA, Soul / Psychedelic / Jazz / Blues Rock)

Artist: The Loading Zone
Location: USA
Album: The Loading Zone
Released: 1968
Genre: Soul / Psychedelic / Jazz / Blues Rock
Format: MP3 CBR 320
file size: 102 MB

The American band formed in Oakland (California) in 1966, the singer and keyboardist Paul Fauerso after the collapse of his jazz band «The Tom Paul Trio». The first major concert was held at the Trips Festival in January 1966. «The Loading Zone» especially known for playing the opening act for stars such as the «Cream», «The Who», «The Byrds», «Big Brother & The Holding Company», «The Grateful Dead», «Country Joe & The Fish », Howlin ‘Wolf, and many others. In 1968, the band added a female vocalist, takes place at the microphone Linda Tillery and they enter into a contract with the record company. Despite the sufficient popularity, the group lacks a solid base, the starting material. The album is subject to harsh criticism, there is no support on the radio and, as a consequence, in 1969, the group splits …

01. No More Tears – 3:12
02. Love Feels Like Fire – 4:42
03. Do not Loose Control (Of Your Soul) – 3:21
04. I Can not Please You – 4:07
05. Shop Around – 3:50
06. The Bells – 3:55
07. Kalui Yuga-Loo – 3:23
08. God Bless The Child – 4:45
09. Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead – 3:34
10. Can I Dedicate – 9:37

Linda Tillery – female vocals
Paul Fauerso – organ, piano, vocals
Peter Shapiro – lead guitar
Steve Dowler – rhythm guitar
Bob Kridle – bass
George Newcom – drums
Todd Anderson – tenor saxophone
Patrick O’Hara – trombone
Frank Davis – drums (10)
Rick Jarrard – producer

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets