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About The ONE Smart Piano

Introduction: A piano that works with your smart phone or tablet to help you play a piece in as little as 5 minutes.

The ONE Smart Piano APP: Video Tutorials, LED-Guided Practices, Games… Thousands of free sheet music on the APP, free to use. Only the copyrighted content, mostly pop music, are for sale from $0.99.

Follow Up LED Lights: In demo mode, as notes in a song or piece are being played, LED lights along the keys will synchronize with the music and guide your hands to the correct position and keys.

Score The Music: Viewing the score on your APP, you can click on any note symbol to trigger LED lights and voice guidance to help you learn notes faster.

Video Tutorials: Take piano lessons from trained teachers at home. Watching a video lesson on the APP, LED lights will mirror the teacher’s instructions for you to follow. The video will also demonstrate the correct hand position and fingering for each note played.


* Keyboard: 88 keys, hammer-action

* Piano Pedals: 3 foot-operated levers

* Polyphony: 64 notes

* Devices Supported: iOS 6.0+ (excluding iPad 1/2), Android 4.0+, USB Host/OTG

* Video Lessons: Hoffman Academy lessons for free. Dozens of HD piano tutorials

* Tones: 128 GM-programmed timbres and 6 drum sets

* Audio Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz

* Amplifier Power: 25w*2

* Speaker Size: Tweeter 1.25″”*2+Woofer 5″”*2

* Sampling Tones: 16-bit stereo

Standing at the forefront of smart musical instruments as the exclusive Apple MFi-certified smart piano.
Coupled with an App to use on your mobile device, The ONE teaches you to master piano play.
In demo mode, The ONE can auto-play your favorite music scores.
Just follow along with the LED lights. As you practice music on the piano, LED lights will show you the correct notes to play.
Connect to headphones to play in the night without disturbing others.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets