Join us as we take a look at what guitarists around the world are using as their secret weapon to mastery of their instrument. Come and learn what you can use as a method to help perfect and master a variety of important guitar techniques and skills.

Every individual who plays the guitar and is serious about their playing seeks to master the instrument. They spend countless hours in practice, completely dedicated to perfecting their skills and growing in the knowledge of their craft. Most of these serious students are always on the look-out for a new trick, a new tip, or the secret weapon they need to take their playing to the next level and to take them one step closer to becoming a master. The ultimate little known secret weapon for guitarists are guitar backing tracks.

So what are guitar backing tracks? These are tracks without the lead guitar but recorded with the drums, bass, keyboards and all other instruments present in the original song. Some tracks do have the rhythm guitar while others leave room for rhythm playing. Guitar backing tracks are the secret to unlocking the potential inside the hearts, minds, and fingers of every guitarist who desires to take their skills to the next level.

This is because these backing tracks can help you to learn and master new skills by providing you with an entire band to back you up!

Guitar backing tracks can help you to grow in your ability to improvise solo and lead work on stage. By having a rhythm section behind you, with all the spots open for you to solo, you can practice and work on experimenting with improvisation and creating face-melting solos. Improvisation is an extremely important technique for a guitarist to learn, and it takes a lot of practice. But guitar backing tracks

can help you to get the most out of your practice time as well as make it more fun.

Another great aspect of using guitar backing tracks is to improve your timing and rhythm. These backing tracks provide solid, in tempo backup from a real band that knows how to play. Playing along and practicing with these tracks can help you to perfect your timing skills and help you to strengthen your sense of rhythm. To maximize the use of backing tracks, do ensure that a professional

guitar backing track is used and not cheap midi files. Professional tracks can be purchased at Planet of Rock or custom recorded by your own band.

Playing along with guitar backing tracks is the perfect way to train and perfect your skills and is great for learning how to put all the knowledge you’ve been learning into practice. Using guitar backing tracks gives you an advantage over individuals who don’t use them, in that it helps you to learn how to perfect your playing abilities in a band setting. You can also play gigs with guitar backing tracks, and this will help you to gain experience playing live, which can also

be helpful in developing your skills as a musician.

Source by Eugene Walker