I’ve always had this special feeling about this number twenty-five since my mid teens and i’ve always wondered why as well. But not anymore.

During my mid teens, I had to take a bus service to classes everyday and I even have it memorised, every single bus’s license plate number which I took to classes for two yrs of my life. And yes! That bus service was 25! Is it coincidental? I don’t know…

That was just my first affinity with that number and I always felt like its a friend to me, maybe even a guide to me later on in my life and I’m right.

When I was 25 yrs old – yes, the second time this number came up again; I began to think about all the things that happened to me from birth till 25 yrs of age. And I came up with The Question, which is the essence of this article.

For me, having lived through a divorce, moved houses for 3 times in 4 yrs; plus getting ready for adulthood and etc, at only the age of 25 has really taken its toll on me. And I wondered if I can take anymore of these or worse things that can happen in life.

The Million-Dollar Question: What are my thoughts and feelings after having lived through a quarter of a century? And how am I going to live the next 1 or 2 quarters of your life?

When this Question came into my mind, man I was really blown away by its wisdom! Its a very broad question and yet if you really think through it wisely, you begin to really think about your own life – everything about you from birth till the age of 25.

For me its especially inspiring just for the simple reason of health, among other reasons as well. When you lived till 25 yrs of age, you are still healthy, but how about the next quarter when you reach 50? And after that, if you can reach 75, you are very health-conscious.

How many 25 yrs do you have in this lifetime? And how are you going to live the next 2 quarters?

Another thing about this number 25 is in terms of numerology. In recent years I’ve picked up numerology and no matter which variations that I learned, be it Indian numerology, Chinese feng shui, birth date analysis; or 52 cards of Destiny using normal poker cards, the number Seven is the most spiritual number in any numbers system that I’ve learned so far.

How do you get the number 7 from 25? Easy, just add 2 and 5 together to get a single number. Also, number 7 also coincide with The Holy Bible where it’s recorded that God created everything in SEVEN days.

Yet another thing about this number is legacy. Do you want to leave a legacy like William Shakespeare whom everyone knows his poems even centuries later, or do you want life to just pass you by?

Being a Chinese, I love Romance of The Three Kingdoms true war accounts being documented and to cut a long story short, 1 of the rulers of that era only lived till the age of 70- 5 yrs short of the 3rd 25th quarter. But during that war era, its considered a blessing to live to the age of 70 because most of the people in that era died in the battlefield.

Even though that ruler, Sun Quan, only lived till age 70, but his legacy of protecting his territory will always be in the Three Kingdoms History book, for all people who are interested in gaining new knowledge to read and learn – even MILLENIUMS later!

That is what true legacy is about. Everyone will have at least 2 25-yr quarters in this lifetime, unless accidents or anything bad happen, and its about how you use this 2 to 3 25-yr quarters to create a legacy you want to leave behind when you are gone from planet earth.

True measure of a legacy begins when one leaves this world…

Do you want to use this lifetime of only three 25-yr quarters, and if you are really very health-conscious, four 25-yr quarters, to leave a legacy behind, or do you choose to let this lifetime to just pass you by? You decide…

I’ll write The Million-Dollar Question here again as a parting question for you to think about, be true about your feelings and you’ll have a lot to think about till my next article…

The Million-Dollar Question: What are my thoughts and feelings after having lived through a quarter of a century? And how am I going to live the next 1 or 2 quarters of your life?

Source by Joel Tan