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From the creators of Dominant strings comes a breakthrough. Thomastik Infeld strings are relatively insensitive to humidity changes, break in quickly, and have relatively low tension. A new, synthetic composite core gives these strings a full sound and a longer life span than other synthetic strings, and are reponsive to different playing techniques. The “Infeld Red” set enhances the “darker overtones” on most violins and represents half of the Thomastik-Infeld violin string system (see also Infeld Blue). All 8 strings of this “system” are matched and balanced for playability and tension load so that they may be interchanged to achieve the optimal tonal balance for a given violin, thus minimizing impact to both the player and the instrument. The “Red” set has an “E” that is a gold plated stainless steel, an “A” & “D” that are hydronalium wound over a composite core, and a “G” that is a silver wound over the composite core.Full Set
4/4 Violin
Medium Gauge
Set Includes Removable Ball End Gold-plated Steel E, Ball End Hydroalium Winding/Synthetic Core A, Ball End Hydroalium Winding/Synthetic Core D and Ball End Silver Winding/Synthetic Core G