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Need tips for selling a drum set? With a few helpful tips, you will be able to sell your drum set quickly and receive payment in the amount or close to the amount of the sale price. To get started, answer these questions; does my drum set have sentimental value? Am I in a hurry to sell it? Am I willing to settle for less than the asking price? These few questions will give you some idea to figure out a reasonable asking price. Let us also look into other factors to take into consideration.

Compare with other drum sets

Check to see what would be a fair value by comparing to other used drum sets. Do your research online, check ads from your local music store bulletin board or newspaper. Observe the quality of your set in relation to the same set being sold elsewhere. Is the condition of your drum kit in excellent, good, fair or poor condition? Is your asking price in line with other prices?

Drum condition

What state of condition are your drums and accessories? Are they in excellent condition, maybe needing a slight dusting? Do they require a deeper cleaning of mild soap and water? Is there rust on any chrome pieces of the drums, cymbal stands or other hardware? Any missing parts such as lugs, washers, and rubber footings? Are the drumheads cracked or worn? Any cracks on the cymbals? Are the cymbals brilliant or dull in the shine? Do hihat and kick pedals need attention?

Increase your sale price

Get the best price from your set by performing minor repairs to improve looks and performance. Clean the drum shells with a mild soapy solution if the drums are real dirty and then wipe with a dry clean cloth. Use a chrome cleaner for mild rust on chrome parts. If available, replace missing parts usually found at a music or hardware store. Replace cracked or worn drumheads. Use a cymbal cleaner to clean cymbals. For kick pedals, oil a chain driven pedal and replace a belt driven pedal if needed. The bottom line, you will want your drum kit to look and perform the best it can.

Where to sell

You might want to use all of the options to sell the set such as utilizing the internet, newspaper, bulletin boards and word of mouth. Of course, use whatever means that you will be comfortable with. Follow all of these great tips to effectively make your sell.

Source by Thaddeus Johnson

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets