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DJ-ing means not only to play with the tracks and use the equipment skillfully, but also to know the tricks to buy good DJ equipment. These equipment that include mixers, turntables, headphones and speakers are all highly technical and expensive too. And that is why before getting them, the DJ should be well acquainted with the buying techniques. There are several procedures in buying DJ equipment, which are to be followed before buying them.

First of all, it is necessary to decide what kind of equipment to prefer. It may be branded ones or may be used or second hand ones. You may already be aware that branded DJ equipment would cost much more compared to the used ones. But then the problem with the used products is that the quality is not assured. However, it all depends on the budget that you have in mind.

In the case of the budget, if it exceeds the limit, it is better to buy equipment one at a time. In fact, if this technique is followed, the best thing would be to settle for the branded ones rather than the used products. since the DJ equipment are quite technical, the new ones will always give quality service. However, while buying the DJ equipment (old or new) a few technical things about some of the components should be checked.

As turntables are important pieces of the whole DJ equipment they need good research. Just as in the drive mechanism, direct drive is better. Then, turntables with more torque are better for the mix. Finally, the tone arms should be straight.

Mixers are the basic components of the DJ equipment. The top mixers are those which have four-channel mixer plus two mic levels and have the ability to mix the signal running into the headphones. It should be taken into account that cheap and average mixers are also available that vary in their features.

Usually, there are two ways in which the buying can be done. One is to visit the stores and the other method is through online. But it should be kept in mind that there is a huge difference between both the processes. In the case of the stores, there is the facility of personal visit, which will give the opportunity to go through the equipment carefully. This process will be a bit tiresome, as it will include more of research about the equipment. Visiting different stores and companies is necessary to ensure that it is the best buy and that the price is reasonable.

However, in the online process, there are several advantages. Unlike visiting the stores, the whole online buying process can be completed from home itself. In fact, the online process provides more choice as compared to the visit to the stores and moreover the equipment available there are generally inexpensive. Even the price can be compared easily as every kind of detail related to the equipment is given in the sites.

But there are some disadvantages in buying DJ equipment online. First and foremost, the quality is not assured and everything depends on the information on the sites. Though the price is quite low, it may include shipping charges. Moreover, most of the time there is no facility of examining the equipment before buying them.

Source by Victor Epand

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets