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This is a 39in full size electric guitar designed for beginners who would like to personalize music and create new sounds. Designed with a maple wood neck and a hardwood body with a metallic finish. Cutaway body design for easy access to upper frets.Condition: Brand New. Color: Black. Materials: Wood with Metallic Finish.
It’s designed with maple wood neck, and a hardwood body with a metallic finish. It also comes with a pickup selector switch, a volume control knob, a bass tone, and treble control knob to custom intonation. The set does include a 10W amplifier to plug in your guitar and truly amplify the amazing music being played. Provided with a guitar traveling case and a guitar for you to travel with your guitar and begin playing to a crowd and sharing your masterpieces.
5 way distortion switch,1 volume control and 2 tone control knobs, 1 headphone output connection on guitar. Set includes a 39in electric guitar, a 10W AMP, a guitar traveling case, guitar strings, and a guitar strap. AMP has a guitar and microphone outlet, as well as a volume control button, treble and base control, and a drive button. Ultra-Thin Slick Design For Easy/Light Transport.
Guitar: Overall Size: 39in L x 12 3/4in W x 1 3/in H. 1 5/8″ width of neck at nut. Painting Surface: Polished. Material of the neck: Maple. Material of the body: Hardwood. Body Style: Standard Classical. Guitar Cable: 8 1/2ft L. AMP: Over all size: 11in L x 10in W x 4 1/4in H. Output: 10 watts. 2 band EQs. Volume, base tone and treble control. One headphone out. L.E.D. Power Signal. AMP Cord: 5ft L.
Package Includes: 1×Electric Guitar 1×Guitar Bag 1×Shoulder Strap 1×Guitar Pick 1×Electric Guitar Amp 1×Amp Cord 1×Electric Strings