Bull riding is a fascinating rodeo sport: a rider trying to stay mounted on the top rodeo bulls for as long as they can. But, usually the angry bull bucks off the rider long before it reaches eight seconds. One may think that it is eight seconds too soon, but when you are hanging by the bull with just one hand tightly fastened around the long braided rope, eight seconds can seem like a lifetime.

Bull riding is perhaps the most popular of all rodeo sport; and the most dangerous. Here are the top rodeo bulls that contribute to the danger of the sport:

Little Yellow Jacket is a three-time PBR (Professional Bull Riders) “Bull of the Year”. He won the title from 2002-2004; this made him unmatched by any top rodeo bull in the history of PBR. Born in 1996, he debut in PBR in year 1999 and went to his first world finals. By 2001, he was the bull to watch, bagging the second place of “Bull of the Year” that year. The next year, the former “Bull of the Year” had an injury and Little Yellow Jacket stepped up in his thrown. Some may say that it was just lucky break that gave him the award; but he proved he deserved that stop as a top rodeo bull, for two more consecutive years. He ended his lustrous career on 2004 and rank as the second on the list of PBR’s tops bulls.

Dillinger is a two-time PBR “Bull of the Year”. He was forced to retire during his prime due to injury. He was a big bull, but he was agile and athletic; a menacing mix of speed, size and strength. He was not really a threat to gore the riders as he does not have his horns, but still the riders were intimidated by him because he was known for his power and competitiveness. Only a very few rodeo riders rode him successfully, and he was truly one of the top rodeo bulls ever.

Bodacious is a one-time PBR “Bull of the Year.” “The World’s Most Dangerous Bull” is what he was known as. He made unpredictable and unanticipated moves; his rodeo riders were unaccustomed to this and only 10 out of 135 riders ever completed their eight seconds on top of this champion. Bodacious got trickier and stronger as he matured, employing his life threatening head snapping move. This move was seen firsthand by Tuff Hedeman who one of the few rodeo riders who stayed on Bodacious for eight seconds; he suffered face smashing and required reconstructive surgery after that encounter. The next tournament, he again drew Bodacious but wisely opted not to him ever again. Indeed it was a wise decision. Hedeman’s fellow rider, Scott Breding, rode Bodacious instead and suffered serious injuries. That ride was the last attempt to ever ride Bodacious and the “baddest bull ever” was forced to retire at his prime and landed a spot among the top rodeo bulls of all time.

Professional Bull Riders “Bull of the Year”

o Chicken on a Chain (2007)

o Mossy Oak Mudslinger (2006)

o Big Bucks (2005)

o Little Yellow Jacket (2002-2004)

o Dillinger (2000-2001)

o Promise Land (1999)

o Moody Blues (1998)

o Panhandle Slim (1997)

o Baby Face (1996)

o Bodacious (1995)

Source by Candis Reade