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An audio capture and conversion tool to turn all your live audio into fully editable multitrack files for convenient post-production.Tracker MT16 hooks up to any standard mixing desk or to any JamHub studio through the SoleMix remote jack to record seven stereo sections while giving players access to fully independent monitor mixes for a studio quality recording experience.
Tracker MT16 features 8 onboard 1/4-Inch inputs, 6 mono and 2 stereo, or use the available 16-channel breakout snake. Simply plug each channel into the corresponding “Insert” or direct out jacks found on most mixing desks for line-level, pre-fader signal.
The JamHub Tracker MT16 saves everything onto its SD card before upload, so if you prefer a wired approach, it’s easy to pop the card out, or simply attach the USB cable to drag and drop files onto your computer.