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What does on the go mean to you? If you’re in business or aviation, it means flying from city to city. If you’re touring with the band, it means holing up it a tour bus for days on end. Whatever keeps you on the go, a Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Bass will give you the freedom to rock out, no matter where life takes you. Based on Traveler Guitar’s popular Ultra-Light frame, the Ultra-Light Bass packs a full 30″-scale acoustic-electric bass guitar into an instrument that’s just over 33″ long. That means you won’t have to adjust your playing technique when you go between your Ultra-Light Bass and a full-sized instrument. And thanks to its onboard Shadow piezo-electric pickup system, you’ll also get the kind of sound you wouldn’t expect from anything smaller than an acoustic bass guitar. Before your busy life robs you of precious playing time again, get your Travel Guitar Ultra-Light Bass from 3 lbs 6.5 oz.
Comfortable 30″ scale
Only 33 3/4″ long
Shadow Piezo Pickup
Removeable lap support