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Why on earth would you need a light behind your TV ?

According to the experts “your eyes are very sensitive to even small changes in brightness. So, as on-screen content fluctuates between light and dark scenes, your pupils become constricted and dilated accordingly. This leads to eye-fatigue which then results in tiredness and possibly headaches. Having some ambient lighting in the room will allow your eyes to have a base level of room-luminance, thus avoiding this problem”.

Brilliant and colorful LED lighting, more uses than just TV!

You can use it for anything that has a USB 2.0 outlet: laptops, desktops, car audio, USB charger adapters, even portable USB batteries. Bling your car, bicycle, or motorcycle. Use them for cosplay, Halloween decorations/costumes, a Christmas light project! You’re only limited by your imagination.

Easy installation

1. Cut(As needed): Cut On the Cut Marks (White Lines) on the strip to desired length.
2. Peel: Remove the 3M adhesive backing on the strip.
3. Firmly Press the strip in desired place and Connect the USB to USB port.
You can press the speed/bright key about 3 seconds to turn on/off the controller.


– Provides a great ambient lighting not only for tv but more uses you can think of- Powered by USB do not need any other adapter or anything
– Long enough to cover most TVs, you can cut it down to length you want
– Easy to install, comes with adhesive to the back of the strip (but make sure you’ve cleaned the surface), just peel and stick, super simple!

Package includes:

2x RGB LED strips with a remote control
【Alleviates Eye-strain】- Adds a Subtle Backlight to Your Monitor, Reducing the Eyestrain Caused by Differences in Picture Brightness From Scene to Scene in Movies, Shows and Games.
【Controlled via Remote Control】- The remote allows you to change the color, the brightness as well as different lighting modes: blinking, fade, strobe, smooth randomly.
【2 separate strips】 – Can be used on both sides of the TV, 1.64ft for each strip, long enough for most TV.
【Optimal Viewing Experience】- The Color and Brightness of the LEDs are Carefully Calibrated, Making Blacks Blacker and Colors More Vibrant.
【Multiple Colors Selection (RGB)】- Multi-colored: White,Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, among others Customize your workspace with vibrant LEDs to Set the Mood and Illuminate your hardware.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets