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Let’s face it, most rooms were designed and built to house furniture and other box-type things. All that squareness creates an environment where bass frequencies can build up and resonate – it’s like being inside a speaker cabinet! Ultimate Acoustics’ UA-BTB is a professional bass trap that reduces the effects of standing waves in your room – controlling and absorbing all that nasty rumble that gets in the way of you hearing your music accurately. With an elegant beveled finish, the UA-BTB looks every bit as great as it performs. UA-BTB is sold in pairs and includes adhesives squares for applying them to the corners of your room. And Ultimate Acoustic’s free Room Analysis App helps you plan and execute the ideal deployment for your space and application.Professional 24 x 12 x 8.5″ bass trap
Full absorption of low, upper-mid and high frequencies
Solid foam base for maximum absorption
Free Room Analysis App for design & deployment
Design Style: Bevel