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Double-tier, Multi-purpose Laptop/DJ Stand with Stand Alone Base While the JS-LPT200 is the perfect laptop stand for musicians and DJs on the go, in the studio, or even in the office, it’s also a great option when you need a portable, sturdy stand for elevating a lighting controller, small mixer, CD player, multi-track recorder, DJ equipment, and more. With five adjustable height positions, the JS-LPT200 puts your laptop or small, digital and analog sound equipment at just the right height. It also features three fixed width positions to hold a variety of music gear, and offers an angled platform with rubber friction pads and front bumpers to ensure your laptop’s safety. The Accessory Platform is the perfect place to hold hard drives, USB hubs, MP3 players, CDs, and other laptop and music accessories. It’s vented, so your accessories won’t overheat, and is also height and width adjustable.Multi-purpose stand: laptop, lighting, drum or MIDI controller, small mixer, CD player, DJ equipment, etc.
Vented accessory platform included to hold hard drives, USB hubs, audio interfaces, and more
Five height positions
Three width positions
Weight Capacity: 20 lbs.