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The Most Amazing Guitar Picks You’ll Ever Own!

Here at Art-Tribute we know how to appreciate art and deliver products that are unique both in style and quality!

Our collector’s edition of our pick set, features the stunning, surrealist artwork of Jose Roosevelt.

The 6 unique artwork pieces that decorate our prints draw their influence from Salvador Dali, Roosevelt’s main inspiration.

Titles Of Pieces:

· The Mask

· Homage To Mozart

· Riaz’s Railway Station

· Autumn Story

· The Coat Of Invisibility

· Figure Dressed With A Landscape

Each pick is more beautiful than the previous one, and you’re simply guaranteed to love playing your guitar while adding a personal, elegant touch.

Flawless Art & Craftsmanship

All our picks are manufactured according to the highest qualities. These highly durable celluloid picks, are a standard 0.71mm in size and are ideal for electric, bass & acoustic guitars as well as Ukuleles.

Plus, they are bound to be any musician’s favorite gift and they are also suitable for creating stunning DIY jewelry and be used in arts & crafts projects!

A Risk-Free Purchase!

We know you’ll love strumming away and rocking it out with our picks, but we do want you to feel safe in your purchase! That’s why every pick set is backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Feel free to try them out and be amazed! It’s 100% Risk-Free!

So Click Add To Cart Now And Enjoy The Most Unique Pick Set While Our Supplies Last!

★ THE MOST UNIQUE PICK SET ON AMAZON: Our premium set of 12 guitar picks is a collector’s item. Featuring stunning, surrealist artwork by Jose Roosevelt, artist-extraordinaire, this set will be your most cherished pick collection. Inspired by the aesthetics of Salvador Dali, Jose Roosevelt has given us the opportunity to feature 6 of his wonderful paintings (2 picks per artwork) and create a pick set that really stands apart from average picks.
★ A COMPLETE GUITAR PICK SET: Every set of our amazing picks comes complete with a sleek click-clack tin box that will help you keep everything organized, carry your picks everywhere with you and never lose them again! Plus, you also get a BONUS leather keychain pick holder to always have upon you a pick for when destiny reaches out and calls you to show your mad shredding skills!
★ IMPECCABLE ART & CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our picks put the pedal to the medal in the artwork department yet they lack nothing when it comes to quality & durability. Our picks are a standard medium size of 0.71mm and are made of high quality, durable celluloid that will withstand the test of time as it allows you to solo throughout eternity!
★ THE PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERY MUSICIAN: This unique set of guitar picks are 100% guaranteed to put a huge smile on every music lover’s face! They’re ideal for electric, acoustic & bass guitar as well as Ukuleles, banjos and so on! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice player or a shredding god, a man or a woman, a kid or an adult, this pick set will simply be your favorite!
★ LIMITED TIME OFFER – BUY ANY 2 SETS GET THE 3rd SET FREE ! ! use coupon code “PICKS300” on checkpout. 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We know you’ll love the unique design and amazing quality of our picks, but we also want you to feel safe in your purchase! That’s why each pick set you buy is backed up by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee for you to give them a go and be amazed! Click Add To Cart now and unleash the little Steve Vai inside you!