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This Pack of 3 Artist Quality Indian Rosewood Guitar Picks is recommended for acoustic and acoustic electric guitar. Our Indian Rosewood is a medium brown wood with honey streaks and an even grain. Indian Rosewood is the most popular and generally most tonally enticing wood used in guitar making today. It brings out richness in low tones and accentuates the brightness in high tones in guitars and we like to think that even as a guitar pick it adds to the overall quality of musical output for electric, acoustic electric and especially acoustic guitar. This is one of our most consistent and versatile picks. US Blues offers music accessories made of sustainably sourced exotic materials that improve the tone and modulation of your instrument and therefore your overall playing and enjoyment. We use by-products of various industries, such as guitar making, to source materials that otherwise would not have been repurposed. We strive to bring the quality of your music to a new higher level and are proud to have elevated the guitar pick to the level of “Pick as Instrument”.Pack of three Indian Rosewood Tone Wood guitar picks
Medium Brown with Honey Streaks- Medium Hard
Suitable for acoustic and acoustic electric guitar
Amazing tone and grip
Sustainably sourced