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Try using a beginner drum set lesson book to learn how to play the drums. There are many books offering drum set lessons suitable to learn on your own. This is a great tool to use anytime and at your own pace. You will find that each drum book available at music stores and online will differ in their approach of instruction. You, the student, will have to take the time to figure out what manual will work for you.

Where to find drum manuals

You can find many drum manuals at your local music store. They will vary in prices depending on the content, added CD / DVD, and the author that wrote it.

Even try online and possibly get a better deal than you would from a brick and mortar establishment. Not to forget to mention, by searching online, you will be exposed to other authors / musicians selling their books that you will not find in stores.

You found your book

You finally purchase your drum lesson book and are ready to embark on the journey of playing the drums. The most important step is to setting up a plan as to how you will self-teach. First, write down on paper when and the amount of time in the day that you will devote to practicing. Will it be in the morning, afternoon, or at night? Will you practice for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour?

Next, what will you practice? This is important in that it will help you stay on target of your learning. Focus on the basics until you are solid at what you are performing before moving onto more difficult lessons. In other words, perform the simplest techniques slowly and purposely and gradually increase your speed until fully confident. Do the same for all of the exercises. What is wonderful about learning from these lessons is that you can refer back to them at anytime and brush up what you might need to strengthen.

Take a lesson

Do not be opposed to taking a lesson or two from a qualified drum teacher. There is always room for improvement and new techniques. The private lesson will enhance what you have learned and broaden your awareness to different styles of playing. Be sure to share with your teacher the book that you are learning from. He or she may work from the one you have or suggest something different.

Have fun learning

Have fun learning from your book all the steps that it takes to be a great drummer. Some steps may be difficult but if you are patient and focused, you will overcome the difficulty and be ready for other lessons waiting for you.

Source by Thaddeus Johnson

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets