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A Portable Vocal Booth You can Take Anywhere!

The VBX Portable Vocal Booth is a great sound solution for simple acoustics when you need it. The VBX allows you to increase your productivity by recording your voice whenever and wherever you need too. Don’t let not having access to a studio keep you from recording. The VBX sets up and install in minutes.

Make your recording studio any place you can set up your microphone . You can carry the VBX in your backpack, take it on a plane, keep it in your car, in your office or even use it to save space in your home studio. It’s a great way to gain some serious pro sounding acoustics without breaking the bank.

How Does it Work?

The VBX Portable Vocal Booth creates an acoustic enclosure to shield and filter your microphone from outside sounds leaving you with a nice controlled recordable environment to create your music and voiceovers.

– Easy Setups and Take Downs, Record within Minutes!

– Portable and Collapsible you can take it with you ANYWHERE!

– Strong Fabric Structure No Restrictive Boxy Sounds or Sagging!

– No sacrifice in Quality to Price! Top Quality Foam and Sturdy Booth Construction!

– Fits most desktop microphones and desktop recording stands!

– You can even record & talk on your iPhone or iPad inside the VBX for perfect privacy!

Compact & Portable – Take Your Vocal Booth With You ANYWHERE
Premium Acoustic Foam – Create Recordable Acoustics Without a Studio
Fits Most Desktop Microphones and Desktop Recording Stands
Strong Fabric Structure – Durable & Portable Equals a Reliable Product When You Need It
Perfect Compact Size Measures 12″ x 12″ x 12″ Inches Fully Assembled!

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets