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The long awaited effect controller for VCI-300+ITCH, the VFX-1. An effect control unit which brings out the best in Djing with the DJ MIDI controller VCI-300+ITCH. 2 individual effect channels with 12 effects each, along with 3 control knobs to control the parameters for each effect. The VFX-1 only requires simple USB connection with your computer and runs with the power provided. Connecting the VCI-300 and VFX-1 together will activate the effect unit of Serato ITCH. Special settings or any installation is not needed. The Vestax Corporation is a company that keeps producing products with its uniqueness, foresight, and reliability for the people who do music actively from inputs to outputs of sounds. Vestax’s mission is always to deliver products demanded by world’s top class musicians, DJs, music creators, and fans that all desire to have reliable music instruments and equipment. Vestax aims at producing premium products with the world’s highest level of technologies to live up to clients’ needs collected in its international sales division, sales outlets, and exhibitions that take place around the world. Vestax is not a company operating for itself only. The products are always developed from users’ standpoints and what Vestax feels proud most is that the products represent a part of culture in music. They go on the market after a long process of repeated discussions with top musicians, trials and errors, and strict quality control on production lines.2 separate effect channels
Large rotary knob for precise parameter control and feel
Selectable effect ON/OFF mode (Momentary & Latch)
Tireless soft touch buttons
Compatible with all other ITCH controller products