The Peak portable Music Stand is a sturdy, collapsible, and solid-backed music stand that presents some problems in its use but can also be a useful alternative to wire stands when stability is the name of the game. It can be a useful asset for gigging (particularly outdoors) as well as for those chamber music or orchestra rehearsals or concerts where a more flimsy wire stand can be a liability.

The Peak, unlike most other strong and solid music stands, can collapse much like a wire stand due to several folds on its back along with a detachable music tray. At first blush, it seems seems ideal. But it does present some problems. First is the folding component itself. Call me uncoordinated, but several times this stand has pinched my fingers in the process of opening and closing it. In addition, the lower tray that supports the music needs to attach separately, and tends to be a weak point of the stand that can easily break and can require considerable force to attach. After only a few months, my tray cracked.

Also, although possessing a relatively low profile, this stand is significantly heavier and bulkier than a typical wire stand. That being said, there are few (if any) other heavy-duty solid-backed non-wire music stands that collapse to this size. However, I have continued to use wire stands for most rehearsals taking place outside my home due to the limitations I have already described along with the weight and relative bulk of this stand and its tendency to pinch my fingers during assembly and when being collapsed.

Source by Lisa Ann Berman