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The VOX SOUNDBOX mini is a small stereo multi-purpose amp that can be easily used as a portable music speaker system. The amp input section provides a choice of 11 amp types. In addition to amp modeling, the SOUNDBOX mini provides four high-quality effects and four types of delay/reverb effects. Plus a wide variety of input sources are supported, including a mic jack and an auxiliary. SOUNDBOX mini features a WIDE switch that activates KORG’s “Acoustage” technology, enabling the two adjacently-placed speakers to project an expansive sound field that you would expect to hear only from two separated speakers.Proprietary sound technology fostered with VOX’s guitar amps, now packed into a compact body
Expansive sound using KORG “Acoustage” technology
Amp input section supports a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, and keyboard
Center Cancel function provided on the AUX IN input
The SOUNDBOX mini can be powered for approximately seven hours using six AA batteries