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We know what you’re thinking, “What is this, the ’80s? Who makes a string synthesizer a decade and a half into the new millennium?” Waldorf, that’s who, and the Streichfett’s going to blow your mind. Because even though the Streichfett is designed to give you all of those classic synth sounds that failed so very badly at sounding like real strings but were undeniably cool nonetheless, it does so in a way that no one’s done before, and it’s so very fun to play with. You see, the Streichfett features two separate sound engines you can blend together with a single knob. Actually, you can do an awful lot on the Streichfett with just a single knob – let’s dive in.128 voice fully polyphonic Strings section
Continuous morphing of Violin, Viola, Cello, Brass, Organ, Choir and more Registrations
Animate Effect for Modulation of Strings Registration
Ensemble Effect for Strings
Eight voice polyphonic Solo section