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You may lose days or weeks of your life joyfully creating sounds with the waldorf rocket monophonic synthesizer, but you won’t mind. This compact synthesizer is easy to integrate into any keyboard, drum machine, or software sequencer setup, and its minimal control set makes it really easy and fast to create cool sounds. Hey, rocket is a synthesizer so of course there’s a lot you can do with it, but it’s especially adept at creating searing leads, bombastic bass sounds, and punchy synth percussion sounds. What you do with it is up to you, but there’s no doubt that the value-packed waldorf rocket synthesizer belongs in your studio.Analog multimode-filter (VCF) with low pass/band pass/high pass
Highly flexible oscillator-section with pulse width modulation and hard sync
Up to 8 oscillators in unison for chords or ultra high density Sawtooth
Low frequency oscillator (LFO) for modulation
Envelopes for VCA, VCF and sync