Walking exercise is a great and easy way to lose weight and get fit. The greatest challenge for any working mom is the obstacle of finding time to exercise. For stay-at-home moms it’s even more difficult because little ones often accompany the adventure and that means plenty of distractions along the way.

Many fitness experts consider walking as the best form of exercise. It’s also an easy exercise program to begin because you will be able to set your own goals and limitations as you embark on your new fitness adventure. While some people might encourage you to join your local gym or the YWCA, walking for exercise gives you the ability and flexibility to exercise whenever, wherever you want.

Workout flexibility is great, but having a set schedule when you first begin is very helpful. In fact, pick out a set schedule for 21 days and write it in on your day planner and schedule everything else around your walking schedule. Why? Too many times exercise commitments are broken because you put someone else’s needs before your own. For 21 days, you are going to put your overall health and well being first. You must take care of you! Starting now.

It is easier to start a walking program than joining an expensive gym. In fact, the only equipment you need will be a comfortable pair of walking shoes. You might check into a headset or walkman so that you can get into the groove of your new and improved YOU! Walking to music will encourage you to pick up your step and often you will walk longer than you had planned as your mind is wandering away and you are letting your troubles pass you by.

If you are a beginner, the best walking advice is to take it easy and start up slow. It is also a good idea to start with (2) 10 minute brisk walks before plunging into a full 20 minute power walk. Unless you are extremely overweight, or have health problems, you should be able to start your walking program with the 2 daily exercise sessions and do these 6 days a week or 7 days a week if you are feeling frisky and energetic. Start your walking program on a Monday. It is also a good idea to start changing your eating habits and patterns when you first step out into the world of exercise. You can accomplish so much more if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle while taking on a life-changing and possibly life-saving walking program.

If you start up a walking program and follow it consistently you will lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk for heart disease and help you begin a journey toward a better way of life! You will notice pounds and inches seem to just melt away. You will not feel as fatigued as usual, and you’ll notice better mental clarity. Yes, walking the weight off may be just what the doctor ordered, but ask your doctor before you start this or any exercise program. Especially if you are 30 pounds or more overweight and haven’t been actively involved in any other exercise program. Then dust off your old sneakers and start walking those pounds away!

Source by Terje Ellingsen