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If you want to purchase a canary and are looking for one of the best singing canaries: The Roller Canary or the American Singer Canary are two of the most popular for their melodious song. There is a debate among owners about whether or not female canaries can sing: Regardless, males are the best singing canaries since singing is the way females distinguish between their suitors. Always look to a Canary breeder when you decide to make your choice (Canaries are sensitive and require proper breeding/nutrition to thrive and entertain).

Roller Canary

They’re arguable the best singing canaries and will sometimes be called a German Roller Canary, or a Hartz Mountain Canary depending on where you purchase them. You could almost compare their skills to that of the Parrot — as they are great at mimicking what they hear in their surroundings. This doesn’t mean they are great at talking or repeating phrases, but they do need to be schooled by a good male (or schoolmaster as they’re referred to) in order to be a great singing canary. Try to purchase one that is over 8 months old and has learned their skills from a great male Roller.

American Singing Canary

The American Singing Canaries have beautiful color combinations and was actually bred for singing. They were cross-bred from a Roller and Border Canary. Where they differ from the far more qualified Roller, is that: 1) They have only been around since they were bred in the 1930’s. 2) They only have partial Roller genetics in them and the Roller has been perfecting their song for hundreds of years. 3) Some owners have found them to be a bit too loud at times, meaning some breeds of the American Singer can misbehave and will be lacking in their ability to relax and make beautiful song.

Source by Tiffany Windhurst

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets