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Sometimes people get confused about the most popular sewing machine that Singer ever produced. Singer 221 sewing machines were never named Featherweight by the Singer Company. This little sewing machine was named by the public "featherweight" mostly because it weighed around 12 pounds. Some others called it "feather weight" and others called it "feather light". What ever the people wanted to call this great little machine, it has been called the most popular machine Singer ever made.

It is probably not the smoothest machine Singer ever made. I personally feel there has never been a better or smoother machine-made than the Singer 201-2. It is a heavy-duty machine with heavy gears and the machine weight is very heavy about 4 times the weight of the featherweight.

Singer 221 machines came in several colors most popular is the black, but there are several other colors that are very rare now and desirable. The Singer 221j is a very popular machine, tan in color or some people call it beige. The cost of one of these machines in great condition can run around $ 700.00 or $ 800.00 dollars.

Another model is the Singer 221K in a light mint green color and there are lots of people claim it has different casts of light color in shades of white or light green. It also has a value in great condition of about $ 650.00 or $ 700.00 dollars.

And still another Featherweight was the 221k in black, which was one of the latest models of the Singer Featherweight with a value of around $ 650.00 in great condition and especially with the rare red "S" on the badge or emblem.

All of the Singer 221 machines are unique and sometimes rare. Most people searching for a Singer 221 will have a hard time finding any of these machines. It is almost impossible to find rare models. Have fun finding and trying to value your machine.

Source by Bobby Oshel

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets