It has often been said that the most intelligent people like certain types of music. Indeed, I guess if I asked you, and you were to take an educated guess, you might say that classical music such as Mozart, or Beethoven would be amongst the type of music enjoyed by the top tier of human IQ. Yes, I think this is the general perception, and I believe it to be correct, although I am not certain for sure. The question is why, I suppose, why is it that classical music is often corresponded to highly intellectual people?

Is it because the people that wrote those symphonies were highly intelligent and creative geniuses themselves, and then only someone else who is of super high intellect would also find this music to be enlightening? Now then, I know many highly intellectual people that enjoy other types of music as well. And even though I really don’t care for opera all that much, I realize that many very smart people do enjoy that type of vocal wailing.

In doing the research for this article I read a couple of research papers which seem to indicate that those people who are very good in math, are also very good with musical instruments, and making music. The controlled chaos, and complexity of classical music seems to fit the stereotype of a math genius. Of course that is only one type of intelligence, as there are many. Nevertheless those of high emotional IQ can also appreciate classical music due to its highs and lows and the spaces between.

Of course, composing and playing music is different than listening to it, and it takes a creative genius there is no doubt to produce a good classical piece. After all, many have tried, and failed to impress anyone listening. Still, we have to ask ourselves if the stereotype is correct, and if the highest and most intelligent of our society are more drawn to classical music than other types?

It does appear in the same stereotypical fashion that rap music, if indeed we are willing to call it music, is not necessarily enjoyed by anyone of high intellect, but someone with a standard IQ level might find the beat, alliteration, rhyming, and basic rhythm pleasing to them. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. Perhaps you can relate all this to your own IQ level, and the type of music that you are most drawn to. The final question might be if you listen to let’s say classical music, will you become smarter over time? That is to say can one affect the other?

Source by Lance Winslow