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Whimsical musicians artwork
refinished this morning before the sun came out
you stay that pure
that fresh and new
dance to the tune that I will give to you.

What absolute power.
I weave silver
I weave gold
you shine as bright as my pen allows.

I sing it part time.
I make it roar or not.
I pay the penitence
calm down loud breezes
trade winds shuffle the pages.

I count on those moods
the ones that excite the predator in me
The ones that block my view at times
just like tall buildings
Egypt being in a forest
I worry I will never see the view
and yet
my predator explores me
explodes inside of me
and I in return write volumes
paint skies I have not seen in days.
I draw bridges
where none were meant to be before.

I am not home yet.
All I ever mean to say
is written down.
You've got to link it somewhere
pull in those dreams
sift through those wind chimes
that scream into the night.

Perfect desert
perfect storm.
remember those when you feel deserted.
You may sing calm
mark that mile
file that code
catch those lullabies in mid stream
they are calling for all rescuers
remember that.

Strip back those internal lies
Be gentle with the spokes
that wheel
that attitude
protect that mood
revel in those circumstances
before they get spent up.
Surveillance of your patience
did you call home?

It is somehow symbolic
that I would draw
whimsical musicians artwork
refine the thread for fantasy fairies
let them walk that tight rope here and now.

It is symbolic that I would meet you here
this kind yet minority gesture
this wave
I guess the predator inside me
will indeed placate your endeavors.

Words that you declare
I meet under the stairs
my Steppenwolf.
This opening flower
might I see the stamen
beneath its lovely petals?

Ahh generous conclusions
yet that's not all
there are episode and new stories
new drawings of tiny angels
fantasy fairies,
art in a butterfly garden
and pictures of cats.

Greet me.
Bend me.
The light is what happens when God breathes.
The beauty is in its harmony.
As a predator I excavate its surface
and there I am
and have been
all the while.

Whimsical musicians artwork and home.


Source by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets