Behringer is a pro-audio company founded by Uli Behringer in 1989 that has a unique business model (in the pro-audio Industry) of selling high quality products at entry level market prices. Behringer is part of the Music Group – also chaired by Uli Behringer. The company was originally based in Willich Germany but in 1990, to lower production costs it relocated to China; In 2002 Behringer’s own factory was completed – in the Zhongshan city of China’s Guangdong province – called Behringer City which incorporated all previously separated production plants for speakers, guitars and digital pianos. Behringer has a sales network spanning over 130 countries making it a very easily distinguishable global presence in the pro-audio Industry.

Behringer’s vision has maintained throughout the years what its founder originally had in mind when starting the company: provide professional products at prices every musician can afford. One of the ways they do this is by having their product resources produced in house, from the assembly of their mixers to the fretwork on their guitars, it’s all done on site at Behringer City. For their loudspeakers they mould the cones from raw pulp, machine their own parts and wind the voice coils themselves, this not only makes their products less expensive but also allows them a greater level of quality control – this strategy was different than that taken by other musical instrument companies who used third party manufacturers to produce their product resources – but it has proven to be a sustainable business model that has served them and their clients well throughout the years. In an Industry that was orientated around selling only to the commercial market – the philosophy of selling professional products at prices every musician could afford was truly revolutionary; their “Double the features at half the price” mantra was born out of this philosophy. They still maintain that helping musicians and recording artists make a start in the industry is what motivates them to excel.

Behringer being part of the Music Group gives it many advantages over its competitors; Music Group owns Klark Teknik and Midas, two very prominent figures in the pro-audio scene, they are recognized the world over for their digital consoles and EQ/FX processing. Berhinger thus has the use of all the R&D that Midas and Klark Teknik have done throughout the years as well as their many years of combined experience. Music Group only recently having acquired these companies, there hasn’t been much collaboration between its daughter companies but the products that have come out of this mix match process so far have had commercial success beyond compare, especially Behringer’s X32 series. It is quite apparent then that whatever the future holds for Behringer, odds are it will redefine the Industry.

Behringer’s product ranges and individual products never take too long after release to garner praise and acclaim that outshines their competitors; The X32 Digital mixer received the Pro Sound Web Reader’s Choice Award at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show 2013 in Anaheim, California, where it was competing against products that cost at minimum three times its own price. Commercially the X32 mixer sold more than 20,000 units in its first six months after release. It is quite apparent then that if the trend continues – Behringer is likely to be the future of the pro-audio industry and keep on blowing its competitors out of the water.

Source by Pierre De Klerk