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WINGO GUITAR CAPO-The best choice for guitar player. The perfect tension and tuning but acceptable price for everyone to try. High Quality with unique shape. Enjoy your music well with this special unique capo. Enjoy Music,Enjoy life.

-If your classical guitar has higher action or you want precise control over your capo’s clamping force, this is THE ONE for you.
-With our micrometer tension adjustment and a wide enough clamp to the classical guitar, you’ll have every situation covered with this design.
-We make them out of a lightweight allow so your neck doesn’t dive, and the large knurled knob makes it easy to use with one hand. Perfect for work,studio,travel or home.
-Comes with our lifetime guarantee. So don’t have any worry to try it and use it.

Product Specifications:
Made by Premium-Grade Zinc Alloy.
Strong Steel Spring for Super Long-Time Use.
Protective Silicone Pads for classical guitar.

PLEASE NOTE:GUITAR NOT INCLUDED.FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR,Designed for classical guitar necks with longer flat rubber.
ADJUSTABLE TENSION,Knurled tension knob for precise control of tension
NO BUZZING, holding capo firmly in place as you adjusted, keeps strings in tune without buzzing.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND SOFT TOUCH,Lightweight zinc-alloy body with super smooth finish.
GUARANTEE,100% life time Guarantee,if you are not happy with it,just let us know.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets