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This 4-ZONE RGB LED controller kit is a perfect solution for multi-zone lighting system control for its up-to-date function setup.
If you are looking to controller multiple zones with a single hand-held remote, you already find the correct product!

While this controller is designed for low voltage RGB LED lighting products (strip light/ light bulbs).
Synchronization function enables you the flexibility to combine your lights in different groups or zones and make each group change lighting mode
simultaneously but also independently from other groups.

You will be able to use one remote to control 4 controllers, just like having one TV remote to control 4 televisions.
With the rainbow wheel on the remote, it can bring numerous colors to the lights. I t can also adjust the brightness of the daylight white color of the strip light.
Additionally, the “M” (mode) key on the remote controls assigns 9 dynamic color-changing modes to lights. Basically, the remote can change the color and speed,
dim or brighten the strip lights, and functions different programs.

Taking advantage of the transmission distance of the controller, 30m/98ft, you can turn off your doorway light from your bedroom without getting off your bed!

This controller can also wifi-compatible, which means it can work with smartphones or tablets if connect with a Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub (sold separately. Search B00E7NTF1Q on Amazon).


Size: 120*52*20mm
Power: 2 pcs AAA battery (not included)
Material: ABS
Fabrication processing: multicolor printing & UV varnish
Size: 85*45*23
Working voltage: DC12V-24V
Current: 18A total
Output connection: common anode
Operating range: 30m/98ft
Programs: 9

Package Includes:

1pc RGB remote
4pcs RGB controller

Complete Kit including 4 x RGB controllers and 1 x RF controller, you can control all four controllers with only one remote
100% – 1% smooth dimming capability, 16 million mixing colors and various pre-programmed changing effects for home, commercial decorative and accent lighting
Work with both DC 12 and DC 24V circuit, screw terminals and DC female connector for your option, RGB 3 channels output, 6A/channel
Supports grouping control, you can add as many controllers as you like and group them as one zone, one remote supports up to 4 zones
Compatible with Wi-Fi hub bridge [B00E7NTF1Q] (not include) to control your lights with smart phone, iPad and Android tablets

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets