Woman on Top Position: the variations

In a regular woman on top position, the man lies on his back comfortably on the bed. The woman straddles his torso and moves her hips in up-and-down motion. Certainly, this position almost always guarantees pleasure for both of you. But, with a little creativity, you can add a lot of sexy fun to this position. Below you will find a list of modified woman-on-top positions with special orgasmic spin:

#1. The modified cowgirl position: this position is rather similar to the conventional woman-on-top position. The difference is: she bends forward slightly, and moves her buttock back and forth for more clitoral stimulation.

#2. The Singing Monkey: Both of you sits on bed and facing each other. She sits on your laps and puts your member into her body. Then, she moves her hip up and down along your penile shaft. To help her maintain the balance and stability, use your hands to hold her waist or buttock for leverage.

#3. The Pair of Tongs: you and her resume in typical woman-on-ton position. Instead of moving her hip up-and-down, have her to squeeze her vaginal muscle continuously to stimulate both parties. Then, end it with a long, tight squeeze.

#4.The Orgasmic Role Reversal: in a typical woman-on-top position, her legs spread across your lower body. In this position, she inserts your member, and then closes her knee firmly. It makes you feel “tight” and allow both parties to achieve simultaneous orgasms quickly.

Extra hot tips: To make the most out of woman-on-ton sex positions, you and she should engage in regular workout regimes to improve strength of PC muscles. Toned PC muscles would exponentially intensify orgasmic pleasure during sex.

Source by Ian Lee