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Most cymbals on the market today have Turkish or European influence. However, WUHAN has defined the Oriental sound for centuries. To better understand their popularity, let’s look at Wuhan’s history and some of the products they offer. For over 1900 years Wuhan has made cast, hand-hammered cymbals in China. In fact, the Chinese have been credited with inventing the cymbal for use as a musical instrument. Wuhan is well known for their china and gong cymbals. However many people don’t realize that they also produce a line of “western” style cymbals. In fact, Universal Percussion, Inc. who owns Wuhan contributed to the creation of an excellent line of professional quality cymbals that include a traditional, rock, and bright series. Each model is offered at prices below competing cymbals and are covered by Wuhan’s one year breakage guarantee (which will replace any cymbal within a year of purchase- no questions asked). Wuhan’s china cymbals range in size from 12″ to 27″. They offer rivets in the 16″, 18″, 20″, & 22″ sizes. They are describes as dark, explosive and trashy with distinct tonalities.Model: WU10412
12 inch cymbal
Wuhan cymbals made of high-quality cast B20 alloy
Handcrafted according to a two-thousand- year old traditional methods
Buffed to a brilliant finish stamped with unobtrusive but attractive logo