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Better Gaming: We created the Soft Touch with an industry leading 18-month warranty, a custom bright colorful look, soft rubberized thumb sticks and a custom one of a kind Soft Touch shell. The Soft Touch Controller shell has a simple, yet custom OEM look and feel, which offers unique value to any gaming setup. We built all this into the new Microsoft 3.5 Millimeter jack controller. Crazy Controllerz also provides an industry leading manufacturer warranty. Your warranty is longer than the warranty you would receive if you purchased this from Microsoft directly. Crazy Controllerz is focused on delivering the best gaming experience by making sure your hardware can keep up. Our products are constantly under testing by gamers just like you so that they can be consistently improved. We will deliver 100% satisfaction, because we are gamers and customers too. Soft Touch Shell: Never before have you felt a controller quite like this. We’ve taken Microsoft’s new 3.5 Millimeter Xbox One controller and replaced the front shell with a custom, Soft Touch shell that feels terrific under your palms. Unlike the standard Xbox One controller, with sweat and repeated use, the controller will gain in grip. We’ve also offered this in 5 different colors giving you an option you’ve never had before. You’ll love your Soft Touch controller. Extended Warranty: Easy, hassle free 24 month warranty (compared to 1 year standard Microsoft warranty) – Your purchase will also include lifetime joystick replacementsSoft touch front shell adds comfort and grip and is available in a wide variety of colors
D-pad design is responsive to both sweeping and directional movements
Features a 3.5 millimeter stereo headset jack that lets you plug your favorite gaming headset right into the controller
Genuine OEM Microsoft controller with custom front shell
Customized two tone color to match any living room and gaming setup