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The Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit features a DTX400 drum trigger module with 169 voices to choose from. The module is equipped with 10 preset kits that can all be replaced with custom kits as well. The kit features a TP70S 3-zone snare pad, which allows playing the snare head, an open rimshot and a closed rimshot in each of the three zones for more musical expression. Plus, the real kick pedal affords an authentic feel for the kick drum. For added versatility, the HH65 adjustable hi-hat controller pedal supports open, closed, half and foot splash hi-hat use. There is a 10″ ride cymbal and a 10″ crash cymbal as well. The module also supports 10 training sessions for all skill levels, as well as 10 play-along songs for practicing. However, more songs can be downloaded via USB. There’s a headphone jack for added privacy and the entire kit is expandable.

Bundle Includes:
• Yamaha DTX-450K Electronic Drum Kit
• Yamaha Drum Throne
• JVC HARX300 Full-Size Headphones (Black)
• Vic Firth Drumsticks (Wood, 5A)NEW DTX400 Drum Trigger Module with 297 high-quality sounds
TP70S 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot, side-stick
Includes FP6110 Belt drive Kick Pedal and KP65 Kick Pad
Large 10-Inch Ride and Crash cymbals and 10-Inch Hi-Hat cymbal
HH65 remote hi-hat, allows half-open, pedal and splash hi-hat sounds